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The scoop on Seamless Protocol

Seamless is paving the way for modern DeFi, where higher capital efficiency and a better user experience will inspire the masses.

🚀 The Future is Seamless

A Seamless future is a better future. DeFi has the potential to evolve the way value is saved, spent, stored, and moved, but new breakthroughs and innovations are still need to try to reach those heights.

Seamless is standing on the shoulders of giants, including Compound and Aave, in an effort to get one step closer to mass adoption.

Higher capital efficiency and a better user experience are not easy to achieve, but a mission worth fighting for 💪

🔮 The Next Generation of DeFi

What does Modern DeFi look like after it becomes more Seamless?
Will people be able to pay off credit cards using their tokens supplied in Seamless?
Will real world assets (RWAs) be able to be supplied and borrowed through Seamless?
Will new Integrated Liquidity Markets (ILMs) emerge to enable users to amplify delta-neutral strategies to accelerate results?
Will new ILMs enable users to farm on other chains, while their collateral is held on Base?
Will the historical, onchain activities of Seamless users—such as paying off borrows or lending long-term supply—be incorporated into better terms, similar to lower interest rate loans for people with higher credit scores?
Is the future of finance onchain?

📜 With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

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Your detailed understanding of Seamless should help you make responsible, informed decisions as a community member of Seamless Protocol.

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Welcome to the Modern Era of DeFi

Seamless Protocol is the first decentralized, native lending and borrowing protocol on Base.