ILMs have launched 🎉! Check out the LONG ETH AUTOMATED GROWTH STRATEGY here.

DeFi borrowing on autopilot.
That’s Seamless.

100,000+ users choose Seamless to lend, borrow, and multiply their favorite DeFi assets.

Built from contributors with backgrounds from:

The Lending and Borrowing platform for all your favorite Base assets

Automate your DeFi growth strategies.

Integrated Liquidity Markets (ILMs) have automated and optimized popular growth strategies for you.

Auto compounding
Stack your stats by continually compounding your position
Auto Rebalancing
Smart contracts continually readjust positions based on the latest prices
No Hidden Fees
Fees are distributed across all participants, lowering individual costs
High Efficiency
A seamless end-to-end experience --Welcome to the Era of Modern DeFi.

Lending & Borrowing, Evolved

As the largest native lending protocol on Base, you have access to the most popular assets. Choose to extend your budget by borrowing or earn passive rewards by supplying.

Not your average lending protocol

Integrated strategies utilize Seamless's borrowable assets with high efficiency and speed. Enjoy optimized rewards with minimized fees.

All-in-one & ready for the masses

Bridge, swap, deposit, borrow, and grow, all without leaving the app. This seamless user experience is ready for the masses.

The SEAM governance token

Participate in an active decentralized ecosystem utilizing SEAM to vote on important proposals impacting the protocol.

Day One Listing on
Fair Launch Token

Security that never sleeps

Active Risk Management

Seamless works with Chaos Labs as a primary partner for risk management and monitoring across the protocol.

Continuous Market Monitoriing

Seamless works with Gauntlet as a secondary partner for continuous monitoring on existing and new Base Markets.

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Welcome to the Modern Era of DeFi

Seamless Protocol is the first decentralized, native lending and borrowing protocol on Base.